One Nation, One Flag, under One God (Elohim, YHWH, Jesus The Christ The Messiah) Equity and Justice for All.

It was a little over 50 years ago that African Americans obtained Civil Rights and the right to vote.

Historically through words, actions, and laws a repetitive message was communicated and accepted by society at large that the life and well-being and the dignity of a black life had no value. That a black life did not matter.

It did not matter if you beat, spit on, raped, verbally abused, disenfranchised, or murdered them.

Fast forward to today, that same dehumanizing narrative is reinforced when a police officer makes the conscious choice to murder take the life of an unarmed black person after he or she is handcuffed and or showing no threat of violence to the officer or no one else and then that officer is not charged with a crime. This has been an ongoing occurrence and has escalated at a higher percentage in recent years.

Therefore, Black Lives Matter exist. To obtain justice for those that were murdered and to communicate that the life of a Black person has value and matters.

Yes, all life matters. Yes, the standard and goal is peaceful protesting. Yes, efforts are in place and inner-city residents march to stop black on black violence. Yes, all police officers are not bad.

As American citizens, we must continue to stand for justice, equity, equal and fair treatment for “All Americans”. Working together United We Stand. Coexisting as one.